About Arthurians

We are a friendly training guild established 07/07/2014. our aim is to help new players on there path to level 80.

All our officers are experienced helpful players, so please feel free to ask any questions and benefit from our years of game experience.
We also have low level rare gear in the guild bank to help guildies get started, please ask any commandant to pass you any gear you could find usefull or send a message to me (Johnthepig) using the trader mail service.

About me
My name is John and i've been playing age of conan since june 2012. My first character on the game was a ranger which i leveled to 50 ish before getting bored of that class and changed to my guardian which is still my fav toon, i also at the same time rolled a PoM and leveled the two together. my first level 80 took me 9 months to level, at that point i became a premium player and have subscribed ever since. I now have 4 level 80 toons (PoM, Necro, Ranger, Guardian) and a range of lower level toons too. I have full T2 raid and set of Khitai gear on my main toons (Guard and PoM). but have no real drive to move on to the higher level content, I do enjoy the occational T3/4 raid although I'm in no hurry to complete the high tier endgame content.
I really enjoy the lower tier content of the game and the social aspect that comes with a MMO so i decided to create this guild to focus on the earlier game content, and help new players to climb the ladder and prepare for the higher tier stuff in a friendy helpful setting.

This is my first attempt at a guild site so please excuse the crude nature of it, as i get more experience i will improve the content on the site.

Please use the apply to guild link on the top left of this page for full access to all content on this site.
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